Корпус предприятия

 JSC Avtoelektronika is a specialist in design development and production of electronic components and systems for the automotive industry. The company supplies OEM parts to all leading automotive manufacturers in Russia and neighboring CIS countries.

The company is one of the biggest in Kaluga city located 190 km southwest from Moscow. Kaluga city is situated on both banks of Oka River and counts more than 640 years of its ancient history. Kaluga city is a big administrative regional center with a highly-developed infrastructure, professional and well-educated manpower resources, large highway system, railway and airport.

The Kaluga Electronic Components Plant (JSC Avtoelektronika) was founded on August 22, 1990, on the basis of the design engineering electronic bureau and workshop № 8 of the Kaluga Automotive Electrical Equipment Plant (KZAME). Nowadays the plant is equipped with special equipment for surface-mounting assembly and control, used for production of printed circuit boards. Moreover, Avtoelektronika manufactures products using hybrid thick-film and semi-conductor technologies under computer-aided design (CAD)

 Our key products are:

·         Electromechanic Power Steering (EPS);

·         EEC sensors (pressure, speed, phase, crankshaft, etc.);

·         Salon heating systems (controllers of automatic heating control system, gear reducers of heat valve, temperature sensors);

·         Electric equipment for starting, preheating and heating devices (units and remote controls of dual-mode and liquid heater);

·         Telematic control unit (TCU);

·         Control units (illumination control modules, devices illumination control, switches of headlight corrector, digital watch);

·         Voltage regulators and relays (flasher relay, rear fog lights relay, wiper relay);

·         Digital tachograph.

JSC Avtoelektronika is a supplier of almost all leading vehicle assembly companies in Russia and CIS countries, but main customers are: PJSC AvtoVAZ, JSC GAZ Automobile Plant and PJSC KAMAZ. Since 2016 JSC Avtoelektronika has started the contractual assembly of TCU and supplies to Ford in cooperation with "Hitachi High-Technology" LLC.

Company’s own test laboratory allows doing tests of all types for new and serial products. The laboratory is equipped with high-technology equipment. Climate chamber ensures testing at low and high temperatures, high humidity and dry heat test. Humidity chamber and salt mist chamber execute corrosion tests for products of all types. 

In 2012 Avtoelektronika was re-certified for compliance with ISO 9001:2008 and ISO/TS 16949:2009 standards proving, that the company’s quality management system implemented in 1998 is correct. JSC Avtoelektronika had won the Quality Award of Kaluga Government and was rewarded with the I grade Diploma and the Cup presented personally by the Governor of Kaluga region.

One of the main goals of JSC Avtoelektronika is to minimize the negative impact on the environment. These and other goals are reflected in the Corporate Environment Protection Policy.

Implementation of the Corporate Environment Protection Policy allows:

- reducing the negative impact on the environment;

- increasing the products competitiveness at the external and internal markets;

- increasing the investment prospects of business;

- raising the level of company’s social responsibility.

 In January 2000, the Prime Minister of Russia V.V. Putin had addressed a letter to JSC Avtoelektronika and all staff with appreciation of company’s significant work and achievements. In 2007, the company had become finalist of “100 Best Products of Russia” contest and “100+1 Best Products of Kaluga Region” contest. In 2008, JSC Avtoelektronika had become the winner of “Best Company of Kaluga Region” contest in nomination “The Most Dynamic Development”. 


Electromechanical Power Steering designed by JSC Avtoelektronika had won a silver medal prize at “IV Moscow International Salon of Innovations and Investments”. Moreover, in 2007, it gained the rank “Innovation of the Year”.