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AvtoVAZ is the largest automaker in Russia and the company with its business activity in 46 countries. Initially the company used to produce vehicles of VAZ series under brand names Zhiguli, Niva, Sputnik, Samara and Oka. Today, it manufactures vehicles under the brand name LADA. In addition to that, the plant cooperates with other manufacturers by supplying them with vehicle sets intended for manufacturing of brands VAZ, LADA, and Oka. The headquarters and main production facility is located in Togliatti, Samara region.


Gorky Automobile Plant (GAZ) is the largest manufacturer of light commercial vehicles and medium duty trucks in Russia. It is located in Nizhny Novgorod. Its famous brands are "GAZelle" and "Sobol" (including the upgraded ones "GAZelle-Business" and "Sobol-Business"), "Valdai" and "Sadko", as well as light commercial vehicle "Volga Siber".


Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant (UAZ) is a company in Ulyanovsk. It was founded in July, 1941. Today it is a part of the automobile holding Sollers (JSC "Sollers", the former JSC "Severstal-Auto"). It is the Russian manufacturer of four-wheel drive vehicles, such as: SUV, light trucks and mini-vans.


KAMAZ manufactures a wide range of truck machinery: trucks (over 40 models, more than 1,500 vehicles with RHD), trailers, buses, tractors, as well as engines, power units and different tools. Traditionally, KAMAZ holds a big share at the market of of heavy duty trucks (14 to 40 tons). Recently, its production line has been expanded due to new models and series of vehicles: starting from city-delivery trucks up to vehicles with high-load operation intended for exploitation within lorry convoys with total freight weight of about 120 tons.


Automobile plant "Ural" was founded in 2001 as a result of reconfiguration of the production complex "UralAZ." The company is a part of the "GAZ Group" and has one of the leading roles in Trucks Division.

Clarion/Hitachi High-Tech

Hitachi Ltd is a Japanese conglomerate, one of the largest in the world. It was founded in 1910, in the city of Hitachi. Today, the company's head office is located in Tokyo. Hitachi is a financial industrial group nowadays. The Hitachi Groups unites in total 1100 companies around the world: Consolidated subsidiary companies (450 companies in Japan, 484 abroad); Non-consolidated subsidiaries (79 companies in Japan, 86 abroad). Clarion Co. LTD is a Japanese manufacturing company of automotive electronics (car audio, navigation systems, and special purpose computers). It is a subsidiary of Hitachi. The company has a great history and a permanent tendency to seek for innovations that allows it to be a world-wide leader in production of automotive audio and video devices and navigation units.


Pavlovo Bus Factory (PAZ) is an automobile factory located in Pavlovo. It is one of the largest automobile factories in Russia, manufacturing city buses. Nowadays, the factory produces PAZ-32053 bus and its modifications, new models of PAZ-3204, low-floor city bus PAZ-3237, as well as body armature parts and automotive spare parts.