The Quality Assurance Policy of JSC Avtoelektronika

Every employee is responsible for the quality of work at his workplace.

Quality is one of the main requirements of the Customer, thus we consider the sustained quality, safety and technical level of the product as the foundation of the Company’s development.      

Main Goals:

·        to produce and supply products, that satisfy the requirements and expectations of the Customer;

·        to maintain the competitiveness of our products;

·        to ensure the Company’s positive image and stable profit.

Basic Guidelines:

·         growth of production volumes due to development of new competitive products and their supply as complete systems;

·         establishing that level of relationships when each division and each employee, doing their part of job, think of next division/employee, who they hand over the job assignment to, as of the Customer and ensure the best expected quality of work executed;

·         ensuring production to be in the managed conditions;

·         cost reduction of production and other expenses;

·         reinforcement of staff motivation;

·         selection of reliable suppliers based on mutually beneficial cooperation.


The Top Management of JSC Avtoelektronika undertakes the following obligations:

·         to provide resources to fulfill the goals and inform every employee of the Company about the QA Policy and its objectives;

·         to ensure the QMS compliance with the requirements of ISO/TS 16949 and continually improve its effectiveness and performance.         

The Top Management recognizes the each employee’s value and is aimed at creating conditions for their professional growth and continuous well-being improvement.

The Top Management appreciates the each employee’s efforts and believes that every single person will contribute to Quality Assurance Policy and its commitments.